The Juggalo Gang


Juggalo’s are fans of a Band called ICP (insane clown posse) Yes it sounds like a gang but it’s far from it.

They have been around over TWO Decades and only recently has the F.B.I decided to call them a gang. There ARE those who run around commiting crimes and professing to be members of the “Juggalo Gang” or variations on the theme and lyrics of their songs. The problem is, their fake.

(The Evil Juggalo Gang Leader)

Real Juggalo’s do not commit pointless acts of violence in the name of being a Juggalo.Most of the incidents of reported “Juggalo Gang Activity” are due to newer to the scene Juggalos. All the Juggalos I’ve ever known have been fans for at least 10 years. Many they have told me about that were nothing but trouble usualy have been fans for 5 or less years.

There Is violence in the music but every other song being written anymore has violence in it. With ICP music, most of it is fantasy violence against criminals, not All but most. Sexual predators, wife beaters, Actual gang bangers, these are the types they usualy sing about “stomping” .It’s fantasy though, the band makes statements Often speaking out Against performing acts of REAL violence in a non-defensive situation.

(The New Manson Family .. be Afraid .. be Very afraid)

How many “gansta-rappers” get accused of starting their own gangs? I have read biographies on ICP as well as other interviews and such and they are Quite clear that they are Anti-Gang.

I live with a Juggalo, I used to live with three of them and I have met Many others. I never had any issues with any of them. Every Juggalo I have ever personally met so far was pretty ok people. I may eventualy meet one I don’t like but I gaurantee it will be becasue their a Jack-ass as a person and it will Not be because of their choice in music.

(The Bloodlust in their eyes will haunt me for years)

Some damned fools are running around Twisting this music culture into something it was never meant to be and innocents are paying the price. Police stop these kids for nothing more than wearing a T-Shirt with the bands name on it and start searching them for drugs. No other cause, just the T-Shirt. Assaults occur more and more often, jobs are refused because employers hear, or maybe see on a social network site that they are Juggalos.

Not my kinda music personally but I can’t stand this garbage going on. My roomate has to look over his shoulder going out the door because of being harrased by Police as well as citizens. 12 years a fan and only the past few months has the it gotten like this.

There are Actual criminals out there under the Juggalo banner so the F.B.I and the Police should do their JOBS and go after the criminals instead of throwing a blanket title on everyone who just Happens to like the same band. To muddy the waters with this unfair prejudice causing everyone to think that all these people are Mad-Dog killers is pure laziness. They stand out, the clothes, the make-up it’s easy to throw a net on them and call it a day.

(This Mad-Dog Killer has taken over a dozen lives already)


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