Why do I Rant and Rave on here?

I was asked today about my “strong sense of injustice” and to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever actually thought about it before. Oh, I think about things that bother me or set me off, obviously if you look around my Blog . As to why I have the feelings and thoughts I spread across these virtual pages and why I try to articulate them here for you the curious reader, I’m really not sure. I’m working on that, sometimes putting it in words helps, when I can find the words.

I know I do this Blog partly because I Need to, my head would blow off my shoulders without a way to release the tensions brought on by the frustrations, aggravations and masochistic mental-masturbations my life generally consisits of.

Most of the causes remain within me but the less personal material I’m fine with attempting to articulate in the pseudo-public eye of the internet. From time to time something of a more, intimate, nature slips the leash and finds itself up for dissection here as well. I’m not so private a person as to “bury” my problems, I’m just not generally interested in open debates about my private life.

What does any of that have to do with my sense of injustice? Here is where I can speak out about what I see as injustice and join my voice to others of like mind. Here I may be able to help someone see what is going on out there and inspire them to learn more and to try and make a difference.

Why do I have the feeling of injustice in the first place though? That is a long and diffcult story which comes in many volumes. However there are points of intersection between my personal and public moral distinctions which I will try to give some kind of reasoning to. It has nothing to do with a “bat-man” complex either.

I think Everyone should feel affected to some degree by the injustice in the world, in their country, their city and most especially in their own towns and homes. The reason being is simple enough … “For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing” [Simon Wiesenthal] …I am Not saying I am a good man but I’m not a bad one either, my moral compass just has a bent needle.

I have seen and experienced many horrible things as well as what has been shared with me by others. Some of what I stand against is nothing in comparison to much of what stalks the darker corners of my mind on one level yet just as bad on another. I carry on about “gay-marriage” a bit so lets use that here.

How does marriage equality measure against sexual molestation for instance. Well, using the 1 – 10 rating I would say a 1 on the trauma scale and an 8 on the humanity scale. When your choice’s as a person are ripped from you or denied in the first place it doesn’t matter much if it’s sex or recognition of your right to love who you want and marry them if you damned well want to. Let me try to explain.

Yes, Trauma wise rape and sexual molestation are by far worse than not being able to get married. As to right and wrong on moral grounds however, both are about the same. One is much more painful and damaging to the mind and body than the other but both mean someone else treating your humanity as nothing. In both cases, you are not a person deserving of common respect and human decency, you are a thing, an object to be treated as the one in control chooses.

Find a politition who is strongly opposed to gay marriage and watch them when someone brings it up unexpectadly. Look close at their eyes when they didn’t see it coming, pay attention to whats there when the word “Gay” reaches their ears. You will see one of two things,it comes and goes quickly so you really have to pay attention.

It may be fiery hatred, the kind that a soldier in a blood rage has in Their eyes when they run an enemy thru with their bayonet.Fighting soldiers are trained to see enemies as target’s, Things that must be destroyed.

If not the hate you will see a dispassionate blankness as if someone just asked them if they think cows should have voting rights.It takes a second or two for their minds to recognize they are being asked about People because to them Gay’s are sub-human, second-class citizens.

No matter the action, when a person who has done nothing to deserve cruel and or unfair treatment from another yet suffers such, my sense of morality is violated. I’m not saying I go ape-shit at every little transgression in the world, nor am I implying people should be hanged for breaking their girl- or boy- friends heart or anything. However if they abuse them and treat them as nothing more than a possesion, they need their ass-kicked at the least.


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About William

Just a Blogger with too much time to kill. Ranting and Raving about whatever is on my mind when I sit down to type. Politics, Religion, Social issues even Personal crap..errr ...Revelations at times.

11 responses to “Why do I Rant and Rave on here?”

  1. Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

    Your ranting and raving just prove that you are paying attention!

    • William says :

      Back in school my teachers so it the other way around 🙂

      • Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

        What are you in school for? Are you going to become a social worker?

      • William says :

        Not an official student. Some of the teachers at the local community college look the other way when theres a few open seats if you get introduced by the right people.
        I bounce around to different classes and pick up a few things here and there.
        Hopefully be able to actually Be a student but some things have to change in my life first.
        Social worker has crossed my mind before, but not sure about my temper … lol … or my age as I’m nearing 40

  2. fringewalk says :


    I’m not sure i agree entirely, but i do get your point about rape and sexual assult being similar in that they both involve the denial of some pretty important rights. I differ in that for me, the right not to be sexually violated is a more basic/essential right than that of marriage. I guess cos it’s proactive (as opposed topassive? i dunno) in the harm it causes. Its a grey area though, i’m not sure exactly where is stand on that yet.

    I was wondering about the injustice thing cos i have it too. I think your language was very appropriate; people SHOULD have it, but many don’t. I have it (and proud!) and i was wondering…why us (and other awesome people like us!)?

    Thinking about it in general terms, i reckon an experience of helplessness (especially in early developmental stages), may be the cause. It’s made us have more compassion and empathy for those who need standing up for.

    PS Don’t change 😉

    • William says :

      Why I consider things on a scale of sorts, the example was just for example purposes, my personal inner scale goes by something more profound than numbers.

      Sexual Assault is of course higher on the scale than denial of marriage for arbitrary reasoning, but still in the morally wrong category, instead of just logically wrong, like say, jay-walking or violating a zoning ordinance.

      By severity of impact of the crime, rape and sexual molestation are Off the scale.Even my inner scale doesn’t go high enough.

      The comparison was just to show that Morally wrong is Morally wrong, no matter how devastating or seemingly un-important the results may be from it.

      p.s Maybe the Cows can join up with the giant sheep and start a new movement for Animal Rights … God help us all if they do

      • fringewalk says :

        Woe betide he who experiences off your inner scale *scared face* 😉
        We have a really cool advert (yeah, i can hardly believe it either) here in the UK for milk. It’s kinda these angry scary cows coming to your house like an angry mob, and the tag line is ‘ xxx milk:@ so good, the cows want it back’!

      • William says :

        I so want to find someone really High and sneak a cow in their house over there now

      • fringewalk says :

        They will have to be on the ground floor, cows can’t go down stairs (but they can go up) Oo

      • William says :

        same for me when I’m drunk

      • fringewalk says :

        They will have to be on the ground floor, cows can’t go down stairs (but they can go up) Oo
        ps i would quite like to make friends with a cow. They have such nice eyes. He will have to be toilet trained tho, tbh.

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