Black History Marches On

What does Jay-Z, Rev Al Sharpton, Colin Powell and the NAACP have in common?

I’ll give you a hint, it has nothing to do with a dead hooker and a kilo of cocaine at a certain Morton Downey Jr. pool party I am not currently at liberty to discuss.

Ok, if you don’t follow the news or happen to live under a rock. By the way I’m looking for a nice “studio” style rock to live under if you know any cheap ones for rent. Anyway, what do they have in common? None of them are White People, well juries still out on Powell but close enough. Oh, and they all happen to be in Favor of Marriage Equality. As in Gay Marriage not Black people marrying White People, we’ve had that one for quite some time. Get out from under that rock a little more often.

You can call it a political thing if you want to and that may be a factor to a degree, except in Jay-Z’s case. I’m not exactly a fan of Jay-Z, I don’t Not like him I just don’t know what the hell he’s talking about half the time. But I’m pretty sure he’s not trying for a gig on Obama’s advisory board or anything so polititcs, not so much an issue for his support on this.

I mention these people for three reasons.

1. Their famous, so I’m told anyway.

2. Their, to be politically correct, African American, give me second here, political correctness gives me cramps sometimes

… ok .. back ..

3. They are members of a demographic that supposedly hates Gay’s.

None of these people can be said to represent the “Black Community” as a whole, but they do have resources and people who believe in them to help spread the word that it is Ok, to be Black and support Marriage Equality as well as a wide-spread ability to educate that same community in a way that many “White Folk”cannot. Not to sound like a closet racist here but “White People” don’t generally have a helluva lot of influence over the minds and hearts of those living in under-privelaged Black neighborhoods.

This is why I say Black History Marches On, of the many accomplishments of various “Black” men and women in modern history this is one that will Never be forgotten and cannot be ignored, or stolen.

Also because homophobic,racists in this country will be bitching about it for the next 200 years after Marriage Equality becomes a reality.

Not IF but WHEN

I may be a little off about the 200 years part though, but I’m pretty sure the Republican Party will still be around trying to destroy innocent lives in 200 years. Unless we get lucky and they finally Implode on themselves before then with all the infighting and backstabbing that provides endless amusement for the rest of us, reasonably sane, people.

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One response to “Black History Marches On”

  1. fringewalk says :

    You should listen to Diamonds (Of Sierra Leone) ALBUM VERSION (not the single – that was crap). You’d like it, it’s basically a protest song!
    PS JZ is cool and his missus is pretty damn ace too… 😉

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