Old AND New Testament?

Ever read the Bible? Ever noticed there is an Old and a New Testament in it? Ever wondered why if the Old one was so great why did they write a New one?

I’m not going to go quote happy here. I think I’ve just about hit my Bible Quote limit for the day elsewhere so relax. I’m just wondering why so many don’t see how ridiculous it is to mix and match Old and New Testament quotes when attempting to defend supossedly Christian views.

The “Torah” which is the original name for the Old Testament is the Jewish Book of Law basiclly. The “Sanhedrin” or council of Jewish Elders or Sages held power through this even above Jewish legal courts. The Law of God is above the Laws of Man as they say.

The Sanhedrin in charge when Christ was out and about trying to change the world are the ones who condemned Christ. You know, that guy Jesus that Christianity is supposed to be modeld after. So it makes me curious why people seem to think that Ancient Jewish Law has anything to do with what Christ intended for the people of this world we live in. The Sanhedrin wanted him dead specificly because he was a challenge to their authority. This “Prophet” running around speaking for “God” and often challenging their teachings in Public!

Think about it, if the Old Testament were so accurate and absolute, why would “The Son of God” be challenging it?

The New Testament began sometime After the Death of Christ, about ten to twenty years or so. Much of it is about the things Christ did and said and what people learned from those teachings. Anyone who has seriously studied the Bible can tell you there are any number of contradictions between the two.

So how do so-called “Christians” makes any sense of this? It seems that most, at least in my observations, simply pick and choose or mix and match whichever parts can be tied together to at least Sound as though the so-called “Holy Bible” upholds their beliefs. Often any challenge to the context or logic of their cobbled together Dogma is rejoined with “One must have Faith” or some other silly non-answer, if not completly dismissed as Blasphemy.

Jesus was a born and raised a Jew. Like all other Jews of the time he was familiar with the Torah, in fact he drove the Elders bonkers with philosophical debate over it. When he was a Kid no less.

Jesus was well versed in the Torah yet found it lacking and inaccurate. He preached a New Way, a new philosophy. Yes some was based on the Torah, but only the parts he saw as correct or took the parts that he felt were Almost right and adapted them.

Modern Christians could use that as a defense for doing the same thing I suppose. There is one small inherent flaw when they do that though. They believe Christ was God incarnate, which means he can do any damned thing he wants to. Who are they, these mere mortal wretches, to go visiting God’s intentions?

Christ was born After the Torah and died Before the New Testament which leaves only what Jesus actually said as the only Real evidence of what God wants. To base an entire Religion on a collection of books, half of which Jesus never saw and half of which he found fault in is ridiculous and any interpretation of the contents is easily biased by personal views and opinions of the subject matter at hand.

If Christ truly was God incarnate then the only Holy Books that would matter are the ones He wrote and any ancillery works based directly on those writings and keeping within the spirit of the teachings in His writings. Unfortunatly, God made flesh seems to have negleted to write those books. Odd in my opinion, you would think he would have at least left a journal or something like everyone else that was following him across the country side at the time.

Or perhaps he did and mere mortal men, prone to ambition and personal advancement, decided to leave His writings out of the compilations that have been collected and put forth as the Word of God throughout the centuries.

After all the Gospel of Mary was left out for no logical reason other than she was a Woman and therefore not considered worthy in the eyes of the male dominated Church and Political leaders who created what is now known as the Holy Bible. There are other books that were left out as well. So if Christs writings were a challenge to any of the other views they slipped in there, they would of course be motivated to delete them too.

To use any part of the Bible as absolute Proof of Gods Will on earth is a weak, inherently flawed and far to ofen self-contradicting basis of arguement. If you really Must insist on doing so, then at least restrict yourself to the New Testament. You know, the one written after God made Flesh was here to spread the Word and not the one written over six centuries prior and often over-ridden by the New one.

By the way, I am Not anti-semitic and do not hold blame againt the Jewish faith for the actions of a few power hungry, assholes back in the day. Also I think Christ was helluva guy and his attempt at creating a New Path was admirable and inspiring. As to being a Living God, juries still out on that one.
One more minor point if I may. The Holy Bible is not only in my opinion but also by, historical principle and fact, an incomplete, massively adulterated piece of literature.Though all the sex and violence is quite entertaining.


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7 responses to “Old AND New Testament?”

  1. Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

    Very thoughtful post here and I like how you address, what I call, the cafeteria style Christianity, or what you call pick and choose.

  2. William says :

    thank you

    “cafeteria style Christianity” I Like that 🙂

  3. Robert Nielsen says :

    Great article. I always wondered why we had the Old Testament seeing as the New Testament contradicts a lot of it. You raised an interesting point, why did Jesus not write the New Testament himself? Why did he not describe how the Christian church should be set up?

    • William says :

      Thank you

      Alot of people never really stop to think about it, me included for a long time, just one of those things people get used to I guess.

      Sometimes I wonder if there Is something out there written by Jesus, maybe not a framework for a Religion or anything so grandiose.

      But at least a personal Journal. Which has been a pretty common practice for philosophers and “prophets” alike pretty much sense writing things down began.

      I’ve heard there are rumors of a “Gospel of Christ” but the Vatican is rather insistent that it doesn’t exist or if it does it would have to be a “fake”

      Which is curious, because so many “Holy” documents have been discovered at various times in various locations throughout History it’s not really possible to be so certain.

      Unless of course it Had been found and destroyed and they are aware of it. Or hiding it and covering it up, which neither is far from a possibility considering the history of the Vatican

  4. Gilgemesh says :

    I liked the post. Very good thoughts. I was painting on a ladder yesterday when a Jehovah came by. Nice lad. Thought he had a captive audience. He quoted here and there from the bible just as you describe. “Aren’t you afraid of going to hell?”, he asked. Besides the fact that I was on a ladder painting in 90 degree humid heat in the sun, I replied, “They took all references to re-incarnation out of the Bible. How else can the threat of hell convince you to give someone your money if you do not correctly believe in the ‘one true religion’?” He was confused by that one. Nice lad, finally got hot and went after easier prey.

    • William says :


      I kinda feel sorry for some of them, not all, but some are really just trying to a good thing. Annoying, but many mean well.

      I wonder if maybe he was worried you may fall off the ladder and die before he had a chance to validate your ticket to Heaven..lol

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