Faith is so simple a thing really, though that does not mean it’s always Easy.

So what IS Faith? Faith is an act or Belief and/or Trust even in the absence of Fact and/or Foreknowledge or in the presence of Contrary Evidence.

It is also a Choice.

See, pretty simple right?

This isn’t all about God, I’m just starting with it because that is so often the first thought in many minds when they hear the word Faith.

I have Faith in “God“.

What I believe God is doesn’t matter here so I won’t go into that. I have no proof of God’s existence beyond what is proof to me or you because there is no verifiable way to test for God in an empirical sense other than to ones self.

I believe God sometimes does things in this world, that is part of my Faith. I don’t always know what those things are, nor do I have any way to prove God was involved other than what I believe to be proof. I also do believe God has reasons for doing things that are most of the time, so far beyond human comprehension that trying to figure it out would be the Ultimate excercise in futility.

I take it on Faith that what God does is always for the best of everyone. My Faith could be mis-placed, God may not exist or does and doesn’t give a damn about me or anyone for that matter, but I choose to believe otherwise.

My Faith in God has faltered many times. Not because God did or didn’t do anything provable, but because what I believed was proof of God was faulty reasoning. I misunderstood God and my expectations were wrong.

I don’t believe in the Bible, the Quran, the Torah or any other “Holy Book”. I believe they exist of course and I believe there is wisdom in most Holy Books, I just don’t believe any of them are the actual “Word of God”, inspired by perhaps, but not the literal Word of God.

Every single one of them was written by people, people I don’t know and can only find out just so much factual information about. I choose not to have Faith in them.

I don’t have Faith in people in general actually, other than a Faith in them to do terminally stupid and/or evil things without good cause. People have proven, Un-Deniably proven, time and again through history to be all manner of immoral, unethical and dangerous. So I choose to be selective.

I sometimes have Faith in people on an individual basis, good and bad. It’s case by case and something I choose to do. Someone can disappoint me, thus proving my Faith misplaced, but we make mistakes and I can choose to forgive or not just as I can choose to keep Faith with that person or not.

No matter how many nice things my best friend does, there is no proof that she won’t, some day, change and hurt me. I simply have Faith that she won’t. Yes, it’s Faith based on past experience making it logical to have Faith, but that still isn’t proof that things won’t ever change. I’m not a clairvoyant, I have no way to be certain what the future holds.

I had a friend that hurt me Many times. I still held Faith in her. I believed it would change, I believed much of it was just stupid mistakes. That Faith was both illogical and mis-placed. It only escalated until I just couldn’t put up with it anymore.

People can say my Faith in anything or anyone is misplaced and I can say the same about them. We can argue till the Moon turns to purple cheese over it, but from beginning to end Faith is a choice. You can only attempt to show me or I you whether the Faith is logical, illogical or pure.

Or rock-stupid, though that one is more an opinion.

Logical Faith is when proof is available that the Faith is likely well placed, never wholly definate of course in a strict sense.

Illogical Faith is when there is proof that the Faith is misplaced or a lack of proof for or against it yet there is a definate possibility of proof existing or having had existed.

Pure Faith has absolutly no provable reason for or against it other than personal choice to believe.

Belief in God is pure Faith. It has to be because there is No way to prove God does or does not exist beyond what an individual chooses to accept as proof. That may change some day, but I seriously doubt it before we blow ourselves out of existence.

Belief in People is logical or illogical Faith. One can look for proof of whether they are being truthful or not, what their motives are or were and what their ambition may be or had been. Proof that can be relayed and examined by others.

In the end it’s still a choice to have Faith in them or not but the less proof of trustworthiness or the more proof of Un-trustworthiness available, the more illogical it becomes to have Faith in them.

Many Scientific Theories also fall in Pure Faith by the way. Lets use Anti-Matter just for fun.

So far Anti-Matter is unprovable beyond some mathmatical calculations. Nothing but numbers and letters and symbols. Not that much different than saying God is real because the Bible says so.

Anti-Matter, as far as anyone knows so far, can only be proven definitively thru reaction to something else. Acording to theory the reaction would be absolute annihilation thus wiping out any evidence other than Something had in fact occured, a violent something.

This would only prove  that proving Anti-Matter exists can be insanely dangerous. It could have been  an Anti-Matter reaction or it could have been some Other reaction in the process. With nothing left there is no way to be sure thus no proof either way.

Faith, belief, choice, such wonderful things to have and at the same time, the most dangerous weapons in the world.

Adolf Hitler had Faith in his Reich, a Belief in Aryan Superiority and chose to try and Prove it to the world.

He was quite Wrong.




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