Stupid Excuses for Homophobia an extended comment to an excellent post

Read a great post over here and it got my gears spinning.

I go bonkers over this the Bible is against gay’s thing. I can’t find any proof of it, and I’ve Looked. Most of the crap that people throw out to back up their Hate is misquoted and badly interpreted.

While some other things are just ridiculous and obviously thrown in by a Male dominated society with a long history of ethnic discrimination. Upholding slavery and misogyny being perfect examples. Remember Paul that Apostle guy? JEW HATER, until Christ blinded his ass. How can anyone be so sure of anything in that book?

The “gross factor” argument is laughable at Best, ever seen two 98 year olds make out? I have, quite by accident, it was gross, but I backed out the door and went on about my business. I never even Dreamed of making laws against it.

Besides, if not liking something is an excuse for violence, hatred and bigoted laws then I should start a petition to have close-minded prigs whipped in the town square.

Not that I would, just pointing out that It would be no different than Them having the right to abuse, insult, discriminate against and create Laws to oppress people they just don’t like.

Un-Natural is even funnier than the gross factor. Homosexuality and Bisexuality are RAMPANT in the animal kingdom. I’ve seen documentaries of same-sex chimps doing things that I would break something if I tried it. Ok maybe just a bad sprain but I was feeling adventurous.

How much more “Natural” can you get than Nature itself? Nevermind the fact that the parts FIT, if we were meant for boy-girl Exclusively, why were we not designed in a way that only allowed for that particular union? Wouldnt even have had to be mechanical, could have been chemical. Simple pheromones and glands could do it.

The same things that make us feel that “chemistry” when we’re near someone but in reverse. A gland that would turn OFF the sex drive and disengage the part of the brain that controls sexual arousal when in close proximity to a member of the same-sex.

Oh. wait, that would’t work either, not competly anyway. What about Pseudohermaphrodism? That would be a major talking-monkey wrench there. That can happen without you ever even knowing it. Quite often the “wrong” parts are inside and it was only rather recently that doctors started to really look for it.

Speaking of Pseudohermaphrodism, how does that and full on Hermaphrodism fit into “Gods own Image” anyway? Full on dyed in the Hate, so-called Christian families have given birth to these “freaks of nature”, not my term heard it on a Christian Radio station once, how do they explain That one?

Granted in the past if they didn’t see it they never thought of it but if they did see it it would be a toss up between “I don’t know what happened, I just turned my back for a minute and lil Jr. just fell right off the cliff” or the more subtle “I’m sorry to tell you but the baby strangled on it’s own chord .. yes .. yes does look alot like my belt doesnt it?”

They think they deserve special treatment. I’ve heard that one before. One time From a Black, Woman outside of a Voting booth just before she got on the Bus and sat in a Front Seat. I was sickened. Literally, I was in a mood that day and made myself throw-up on her. Petty I know, but well worth it.

Thank you for tuning in to the WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY channel?


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5 responses to “Stupid Excuses for Homophobia an extended comment to an excellent post”

  1. fringewalk says :

    ever seen two 98 year olds make out? I have, quite by accident, it was gross, but I backed out the door and went on about my business. I never even Dreamed of making laws against it.



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