Mitt (the Flippity Flop) Romney

Romney has more flip-flops than a summer-break beach party and he hops political band wagons faster than that slutty blond girl at the party hops beds. That guy switches sides quicker than that slutty girls bisexual sister.He…..

….Ok..enough of that one, I’m getting distracted.

Changing your mind happens, look at my ex fiance, she changes her mind so damned often they had to install quick connect couplers (wow! am I bitter).

For most people it’s a little less often but not uncommon. New information comes along, personal experiences alter your previous perception, a dozen little things can change your “view” on a subject.

It’s healthy to review and re-evaluate your position from time to time (resisting ex-fiance joke). If you decide on one specific unalterable position and Refuse to change it no matter What comes up, you could quite easily find yourself friendless and being refered to as “that pig-headed dumb-ass”

Not to say, you should Always be changing your opinion, sometimes it’s just as healthy to keep to a certain course. It’s situational and subjective.

What I would like to bitch moan whine talk about for the moment though is Political waffling, specificly the foreman waffle iron of political waffles “Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney”

I’m not going to lay out a list of his “policy switches”, quite frankly because I’m not sure theres enough room on the internet to contain any more of them. I am however going to point out a few things about his ping-pong politics. (I’m on a roll today ain’t I?)

If you look hard enough (read: type romney flip-flop in your search engine and Duck) you can start to find a pattern. Ole Mitten’s, seems to have a funny habit of “changing his mind” to whatever the politicaly prudent position is in the area he happens to be standing in at that moment. (by the way, try saying that 3 times fast).

Even when he does stick with a bald-face lie position on an issue, it only lasts until you ask again. He really Should write these things down

Oh thats right, he did once,of course he must have had a really bad ghost writer do that one. He seems to remember things quite differently than whats in the book.

Ok, we’ll throw the book out, which is poetic actually because Repubs just Love to throw books out, especialy the ones with all that icky “Constitutional Law” stuff in them.

So let’s say, for the sake of arguement (resisting grr),my ex fiance changes her clothes fifteen times before going out. No big deal and I got a nice show out of it right? Now, lets say the President of the ‘friggin country goes from one end to the next of the issue between the Oval Office with the bidet in it and the Offical one. There could be some “hiccups” in policy when that happens, 3 or 4 times a day. All that waffle syrup is Hell on the innards.

Yes, even a President can change their mind, it happens and it’s a major componant of diplomacy. The problem is, he/she can’t change their bloody mind before the Ink is even dry. This could cause some serious ten car pile-ups in the legislative process and God knows we have enough of those already.

I know that because God told me about it while I was in my accustomed morning prayer routine. Head in toilet, empty scotch bottle in a death grip, pants lost in some un-charted land(a.k.a Rosies Bar&Grill).

Apparently, God submitted a proposal at the first congressional convention to have him/her self left the hell OUT of politics because he/she Hates it. The proposal is still waiting for debate on the House Floor. Right next to a very sticky Bible opened to the Song of Solomon.

Now maybe I’m picky, not that my past 5 relationships are much an example of that, but lets say I am, about Political Representation, ok?

What is the safer bet here, someone who can’t walk and chew gum without dismantling the entire federal government? Or someone who takes their time, ponders the issue and comes to a decision that will not likely be altered without a significant change in the circumstance of the issue?

You decide.


Paper or Plastic? .. Mr. Romn ..Ahem….Mr. Romney? .. Paper or Plastic? .. Excuse me? No, no I’m Not voting for you no matter which one you choose .. now do you want PAPER …OR …PLASTIC … DAMMIT ?!?





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