Never too early to Discriminate

Discrimination thru Abortion is madness.

I saw this article over here and it shocked the hell out of me. There are some links over there to further information on whats going on too.

I’m not going to say much about the Politics involved with this, maybe another time, just not now.

I support the right to choose, I consider a womans body her own property and it’s between her and her God, if she has one, whether or not she has an abortion. Late term abortions however, I can’t get behind unless it is medically necessary. Neither is the subject of this little rant.

Discrimination by way of abortion is…you know, I honestly can’t think of a word for it beyond Abomination and that barely covers it.

Privacy Rights are being used as a False Banner to hide the nature of this crime against humanity and reason and it’s infuriating. Yes there is, an often unspoken,  rule of confidentiality between a doctor and patient and there very well should be. Only, when the sanctity of that agreement is used to cover-up blatant discrimination and “ethnic cleansing” it should be null and void.

There is NO ethical reason under the Sun for a doctor to perform an abortion, that they Know has only been asked for because the “mother” and I’m using that term loosely in this case, isn’t getting what she asked Santa for.

You don’t want a baby? Don’t have a baby. My personal feelings on that are irrelevant to this, so not going to go there.

You don’t want a “black” baby, too bad. You don’t want a girl baby? Too bad. You have the choice to have or not have “A” baby as far as I’m concerned in the general view, but picking and choosing to have it based on race or gender or any other factor that has absolutely Nothing to do with it’s chances of being healthy, rape and mothers health being exceptions, I have to say HELL NO, take it or leave it are your only options !!!

I don’t just mean this as a purely personal opinion either. It goes well beyond that. What happens when people are allowed to select their children in such a way?

Where and when does it end? Does testing for potential height start factoring in? How about they find a way to determine hair and eye color? Is that a good enough reason to have an abortion? Maybe they can even develop an in utero intelligence potential test next.

Not that the world couldn’t do with a few less dumb-asses, but intelligence has nothing to do with that. There are some rather high IQ’d dumb-asses in Congress right now defending this non -” right” to discriminate. Other countries do this sort of thing and all Hell breaks loose across the Globe.  But in America, a country so quick to say this kind of discrimination is the worst form of oppression, it’s being debated in Congress!

There IS no debate. If someone wants to have an abortion because of color or gender, they better keep quiet about. If a doctor, knowingly performs a discriminatory abortion, they should be drummed out of the medical profession and imprisoned for crimes against humanity.


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