You, Your Rights, and the Red, White and Blue

No I didn’t get much sleep before writing this


You, Your Rights, and the Red, White and Blue


Red is the  Blood pouring from your nose and Ears

White is the Politician that fought your Rights for all these Years

Blue is the  Uniform, the man with the steel-core baton was Wearing

When you stood your ground after you heard the Police Sirens start Blaring


Regardless of where you are in the world, no matter your nationality or heritage or even how you identify yourself, If you’ve been beat down and kicked around physically or metaphoricaly If you have been Ignored, negleted, or just plain left behind by your Government. If you have been insulted, abused and oppressed just because your “different” If you ever looked to the sky and asked “when do WE get to be free?” Guess what ….

Whole Nations have been built by you. Corrupt Governments thrown down by you. Millions of lives changed by you. Entire Societies forced to recognize you.

History has been made by



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