Why God invented Religion

God didn’t invent Religion Man did, which explains right there why most of them are so damned screwd up.

No God ever created a Religion, at least there is absolutley no evidence of it. There are alot of religions based on books supposedly sent from one God or another but that never happened either.

If a God were to actually write a book, there would be no doubt of it I’m sure. It would probably glow or something. I mean if you were a God and wrote or even dicated a book that was intended to be the basis of a Religion wouldn’t You be sure it was plain to see your intention?

Every Religion that does or has existed was an invention of Mankind. Maybe there was some Divine inspiration in some of them, but overall their all just mechanisms of control and/or understanding. For the sake of understanding the world, the universe and your place in the scheme of things it makes sense. As a way to control and dominate others, it’s an abomination.

Every major Religion has some set of scriptures they point to as “Proof” of their God and what their God wants. I have no idea how that is supposed to Prove anything other than the fact that the one doing the pointing is an idiot. Those who accept these ridiculous claims of “Proof” are even bigger Idiots by the way. Not counting children, who don’t know any better and those who are “brainwashed”.

Brainwashing does exist by the way, there are many techniques and all of them take time but it does happen.

I’m not saying there isn’t some wisdom and truth to be found in the various belief systems and literature surrounding them. It’s just that not one single one of them is the “Right” one. Right for the individual perhaps but certainly not the, be all end all this is what it’s all about, everyone else be damned, solution to a perfect world. There are too many unkowns, too many individual lives with their indivdual needs and problems for any Set system to have all the answers.

We grow, we learn, we evolve, well some of us do anyway, the rest hang their hat on Religion and call it a day, or just don’t bother at all, regardless of religion.

The world changes, people change, entire societies change over time. To lock yourself into one myopic view of it all is the antithesis of progress and evolution. As a species as individuals and as a spiritual beings, we Must learn and expand our mental and spiritual horizons or doom ourselves to darkness and stagnation.

There was a time when the “Church” would burn you alive for saying that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not the other way around! Such a silly thing to kill people for don’t you think? Realizing that the Earth is NOT the center of the Universe did not in any way change anyone’s belief in God or the Church. The fact that the Church was so afraid of this simple truth, that people were slaughtered over it, is what made people wonder if they shouldn’t look for a new Path to Enlightenment.

Refusal to grow, to accept new Truth’s is what is destroying some of the oldest organized Religions in this world. The corruption and despicable actions of many of their Heirarchy doesn’t help either, but that can be attributed to their refusal to change as well as the refusal by the adherents to question the motives of the hierarchy..

Of course, when it’s take it and shut up or be burned as a “witch” it’s understandable why poeple were a bit wary in the past of questioning the “Word of God”

The world is changing, some places more than others but the changes are wide spread. There are billions who can safely question the “Teachings” of organized Religions and it’s a great thing.

Everyone who can, should and they should question openly and demand answers other than “Have Faith” or “God works in mysterious ways” Everyone who can challenge the satus quo should do it often and with an open-mind.

There is no One-size-fits-all path to spiritual enlightenment. If there was there wouldn’t be so many different Religions with so many variations within their more general systems.

Anyone who says “God exists heres the proof” should be treated with skeptism at the least. Those who insist you accept or “burn” or some such nonsense should be treated with disdain or possibly avoided completely as they could be psychotic and dangerous.

Belief in a God is a fine thing and I recomend everyone give some serious consideration to the possibility of their being one. However the only “Proof” is subjective to the believer as there is no proof other than what we choose to accept as evidence.

Part of My belief is that it is Meant to be that way. I believe, God has no interest in mindless drones that believe because they have no other option. God wants mankind to learn, to grow, to evolve and find our way to the divine without having to hold our hands every step of the way so we don’t hurt ourselves.

I believe God nudges us here and there to find our proper paths and once we do, we start getting a little more direct help to keep our course.

I believe God is a teacher and a guide not a ruthless Task-Master that will “punish” me with eternal damnation for doing something stupid. I believe we do get punished for some things, but those things are not as simple as a few words scribbled in a book and interprated to mean whatever the people in power Want them to mean.

I believe God sometimes wants me to say the things I say and do the things I do, not always but sometimes. I’m NOT so presumptuous as to speak for God, I simply mean that I think or want to do certain things and occasionaly God agrees that I should. My decisions are mine to make, God just sometimes gives a nod of approval.

There are also times I get the wave-off and ignore it, I’m not a slave I have a Free-Will and I accept that It’s my responsibilty for the consequneces, when I choose to “go off the reservation” as it were.

I believe I’m done with this rant for now


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