One-Man/ One-Woman Amendment

I’ve brought this up before and One – Man/One -Woman still makes NO sense as an Amendment to the U.S Constitution no matter how much I think about it.

What Logic is there to this? How does two men, two women, or a hermaphrodite and a transgender, one woman and two men or any other combination do anyone any harm?

What “Rights” of others are being impeded by these unions? There is absolutely no logical reason to define Legal Marriage as 1 boy 1 girl.

I’m not covering plural marriage here but it is also under the, “Why the Hell not?” category. I’m just not feeling well at the moment and that could take awhile.

Also consider what a blatantly discriminatory Amendment relating to marriage, based soley on Religious and Personal views will lead too. The most likely next move would be to re-edit the legal definition of “Male” and “Female”

The “gender” box on legal forms is what is Currently considered the “legal sex” but what happens when theres a big push to make “Born Gender” the legal standard?

There are plenty that feel that what your born as, is what you should remain and if you have “extra parts” a “corrective surgery” is necassary even if health isnt an issue. Many of these are the same who belive in the 1 boy 1 girl amendment.

No I am not reaching here. Not many ever thought about a distinction of One – Man/One -Woman being added to the U.S. Constitution until it became a Political Hot-Topic some years back, so it’s a natural progression of the theory to go after “legal gender” designation standards next.

Personally I think the best way to get around all this “debate” is a simple word change in exisitng law. Seeing as so many consider their Religious view of Marriage as being the Only definition of Marriage, lets eliminate “Legal Marriage” altogether.

Make all “Legal Marriages” into “Civil Unions” and call it a day. Simple, clean and effective.

One could say that to do that would be giving into Religious pressures but not so much really. Religion is where “Marriage” came from in most places.

Legal marriage in America was originally a Legal recognition of a Religious convention so we just take the religion out of the legal contract and call it done.Fits nicely with the seperation of church and state too.

Any particular Church or what not wants to have Marriage ceremonies fine, some are quite nice actually.

They just won’t count in a “Legal” sense. Just means a trip to the courthouse at some point before or after if you want your union recognized by law,or maybe a drive thru “Chapel” in Vegas, no big deal. I was legally married by a Justice of the Peace in my ex-wife and I’s trailer and Handfasted shortly after.

You can look up handfasting on your own, its a pagan thing and has some variations from denomination to denomination.

Petition to eliminate Legal Marriage and replace it with Civil Unions


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2 responses to “One-Man/ One-Woman Amendment”

  1. Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

    Dear heart,
    I just fear that you really won’t ever be accepted into the Kingdom of Republicans with socialist talk like this:)

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