Christianity Vs. Islam

I know less about the Quran than I do the Bible. I’ve read both and used to know quite a bit but certain events damaged my memory so it’s sketchy. I intend to rectify the situation eventualy though.

For the moment I would like to make a few general observations

I do know, from what I recall, what I’ve looked up and what I’ve seen, there isn’t really a whole lot of actual difference between the Religions based on them.

Both have been excuses for Genocidal killing sprees in the name of their God’s and their Prophet/Messiah.

Both have had their doctrines twisted into whatever shape needed to justify hatred, intolerance, bigotry, misogyny and a multitude of other offenses perpetrated upon fellow human beings.

Both are extremely divided even whithin heir own general culture. Radicals and Extremists aplenty on both sides of the theological fence.

Both are based on Books which are purported to be, but cannot be proven to be, the “Word of God”

Both books contain contradictions which cannot be rectified with Logic alone.

Both Religions have been too often co-opted by their respective Religious leaders, who proceed to excercise their own personal ambitions and/or impress their own prejudices and hatreds upon their followers.

Both Christianity and Islam are at Heart, systems of belief built on the virtues of Love, Compassion, Tolerance, Understanding and True Spiritual Enlightenment.

Christianity Vs. Islam?

Maybe I should say:

Twisted and warped version of Christianity


Perverted and misguided version of Islam


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4 responses to “Christianity Vs. Islam”

  1. rebelsprite says :

    The Qu’ran is believed to be the word of God by Muslims. The Bible is believed to be a book about the Word of God, whom Christians believe to be a person, not a book.

  2. happinessisnotadisease says :

    I have stopped trying to understand religion. I may be doomed to hell. I believe in God though. Maybe I’m still doomed to hell. Well, let the self-righteous proclaim what they want but I refuse to be a puppet of anyone’s exploited version of goodness.

    • William says :

      My Mother says we’re IN Hell, so there’s nowhere left to go but Up 🙂 Her version of Optimisim .. lol

      God will do and decide as God chooses, best we can do is listen hard and hope to get the message right in our hearts.

      Some fancy pants on a pulpit is no closer then any of the rest of us to God.

      God doesn’t give lectures at seminary schools, they can’t afford the speaking fee’s.

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