I wrote a Petition … like you didn’t see That coming (;

I started a petition to replace “Legal Marriage” in the U.S. with “Legal Civil Unions”. This is not to abolish Marriage, this is too make a distinction. Legal Marriage is nothing more than a type of Civil Union anyway.

Religous Marriage would be a seperate matter fully allowed as always, but devoid of Legal Status unless a Civil Union contract is filed, no differernt than filing for a legal “Marriage License” now. It’s mostly just a matter of word change.

I know many disagree with the idea or feel it’s giving in but there is no surrender here. In many countries “Legal Marriage” began and still is, nothing more than a legal recognition of a Religious institution, that being Holy Matrimony to use an old but quaint term.

By converting Legal Marriages to Civil Unions the Religous aspect of Marriage remains intact and sovereign to the Church, Chapel, Synagogue, Mosuqe , Pagan Circle, etc..which Sanctions it, while the legal aspect becomes a seperate matter devoid of Religous overtones and influence.

This quite simply does three things:

1. Respects and identifies a seperation between Church and State.

2. Respects everyones Right to persue happiness and/or misery in the “eyes of the Law”

[Homosexual, Heterosexual, Bisexual,Trysexual (you’ll try Anything once) or any other -sexual, all able to have a Civil Union with all the same rights, privelages and repsonsibilites currently affored the “Legally Married”]

3. Eliminates the “War on Marriage” debate in any legal sense and relegates it to the realm of abstract conception, where it belongs. (you say Tomatoe, I say Happy Holidays)

The Petition is quoted HERE with a link to the site.


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