Liberal Assault on Middle Class America

Middle Class;

noun :

1. a class of people intermediate between the classes of higher and lower social rank or standing; the social, economic, cultural class, having approximately average status, income, education, tastes, and the like.

2. the class traditionally intermediate between the aristocratic class and the laboring class.

3. an intermediate class.

The GOP has begun to say that the “Liberals” have been attacking “Middle Class Values” for years. They say the Middle Class is so much more than an “income bracket”

This placing of cultural aspects forefront of what the middle class is can best be described as an attempt to “muddy the waters”

Yes it is mostly a cultural distinction on “street level” but Legislators have to deal in specifics. Over generalizing makes it impossible to focus properly on the task at hand because there are so many Different things to be dealt with in a cultural demographic. Making it a “complex issue” when it shouldn’t be.

In politics and economics you make a merry mess of the issue by mixing in philosophy and cultural moores with facts and solid definitions. It’s an old trick and very effective at times.

Only two things in the definition of Middle-Class should matter from a legislative viewpoint when discussing economic issues. Income and education, everything else is subjective and in most cases not any business of the Governement.

By going “cultural” you bring in far FAR too many variables and begin dealing with lifestyle choices, religious beliefs, family values and a host of other factors. None of these matter when creating legislation to improve financial standing of a “class” of people.

The GOP is attempting to create a “cultural war” that has no clear distinction of friend and foe among the masses.

If you say “Bob” is anti-middle-class, is he in favor of regulation that hurts the earning and saving potential of a certain “tax bracket” or does he hate that black guy down the street because he’s a Democrat opposed to “Wars for Oil”?

A clear designation needs to be held in Politics about just What the Middle-Class is in relation to Laws and Regulations. Their was one but now the GOP is attempting to turn it into a philosophical debate.

It’s a trick, a con, a smoke screen. Create massive infighting and then send out the “I’m on Your side” speeches tailored to whichever demographic is being approached at the moment.

Both sides of the aisle use similar strategic approaches, but the GOP does it purely to promote their own  agenda with no care or concern for over-all outcome beyond winning some votes.

After they win they forget all those they “Fought For” until the next election cycle or referendum comes around. At least the Liberals try to keep to the course and expand on earlier wins to further Their agenda of improving life for everyone, not just the “UpperClass”

minor correction .. most liberals, Believe they are trying to help everyone, I don’t always agree with How they try to help however.


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