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Caiden Cowger … Gay Bashing Prodigy

Caiden Cowger

Discrimination, hate speech and harrasment of innocent people are A-OK in this punks family.

The video for the following transcript can be found on youtube, maybe. The last account was shutdown and the new one could be in time too, so I’m posting a transcript of one of the shows.

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Big Christian with a Little Pagan

I have a friend who is a Witch and is dating a Christian. This amuses me to no end.

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Mr. Wizard has Nothing on this one

LGBT Latest Science

Take a look at this photo and compare the brains. HeM means heterosexual man, HeW means heterosexual woman, Hom  means Homosexual man and HoW means homosexual woman. If we were using these photos of  brains to tell us gender, instead of our genitalia, who would you call a boy or a girl?

See the red and yellow areas? In the left amygdala, the heterosexual male brain looks very similar to the homosexual female brain. The heterosexual female brain looks very similar to the homosexual male brain. The right amygdala does not show this clear cut pattern but it is clear that there is a difference between heterosexual and homosexual men.

So where did this picture come from and what does it show?

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My new BFF Marcus

I was a bit cranky by the end, over a different matter, so I got a little snappish

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