Big Christian with a Little Pagan

I have a friend who is a Witch and is dating a Christian. This amuses me to no end.

My friend is a Pagan of no particular denomination but does lean heavily toward Wicca in general. Her Boyfriend is a Christian who leans heavily toward Hypocrisy in every sense of the word.

A go to church, sing the psalms, holler Amen at the services Christian, having unwed sex with a Witch. Do you see the irony here?

He’s not Catholic just standard Christian, so the unwed sex is not a Huge deal, except that hes screwing a pretty lil Witchy girl, which is kind of frowned upon in the Bible no matter which flavor of Christian you are.

“Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” . Or “sorcerous” depending on the bible version, either way it’s generaly accepted that Witches qualify under both terms.

This isnt the funny part yet:

This guy is Constantly trying to convert her. He is always trying to tell her to stop wearing her Pagan jewlery, yet she never even thought to tell him not to wear a cross if he wants to.

He goes out of his way, when among other Church members (yes there is a double meaning to ‘member’ here) , to make her feel uncomfortable and alienated. He mocks and belittles her beliefs and pushes hard for her to spend more and more time among his “Christian Bretheren”.

He proselytizes every chance he gets, in front of as well as To her, to show his conviction to the teachings of Christ. (Another blatant irony there)

This is the part that amuses me:

He basiclly does everything you would expect from a Biblethumper lite. So it strikes me as quite the amusing contradiction when he does all he can to make people think of him as such a “Good Christian” while holding no moral qualms about having hot, mad monkey sex with the Devil’s Daughter.

How does he explain this to God when he dies?

“Dude, I know the whole Witch thing is a sin and all and screwin one out of wedlock is a double no-no but, WOW what she could do in bed. She had me bewitched I tell ya.. Bewitched’s not my Fault !!!”

Somehow I don’t think God would go for that one.


A few points on my personal view here:

1. I can’t stand the guy and she really needs Out of that relationship because it’s unhealthy for her, but she handles it well and has her reasons for waiting to leave him.

2. I don’t believe God gives a damn who you sleep with as long as it’s consensual

3. She’s my Ex-Wife, I know a thing or two about those “bewitching” ways, I taught her a few of them 😉

4. If he isnt careful she’ll forget she’s a passivist and I have the scars to prove, that is a BAD thing to happen.

 5. The title of the post, if your dirty little mind didn’t get it right away is a  reference to… well .. you’ll figure it out.


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