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Does a Church have Freedom of Religion?

Blair Scott, Communications Director, stated, “Religious freedom is guaranteed to the individual: not a collection of individuals or an organization. A church does not have religious freedom: the individual congregants do. A collection of religious persons do not have religious freedom: the individuals in that collection do. You cannot amass your individual freedoms to trump the freedoms of others.”

I read that in an article over here  and it got me to thinking, is that true?

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Long haired hippie ….

….Faggot, Freak, Commie, Socialist, Pot-Head , Mother F’r, etc….

I get called those things and more alot, online and off and I have to say…

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New Testament Culture open to loose interpratation

Very loose it seems

“Christianity exalted the status of women far beyond the culture of the New Testament times.” – Pastor Steve Cornell

That was said in the comment section when I asked about his views on the mysogonistic teachings in the Bible

The original post can be found here.

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