Stop Blaming GOD for Your prejudices and hatred

I believe in God, yet I Never use God as the scapegoat for my own bias or prejudice.

Religion to Religion, Culture to Culture members of mankind have for millenia used whatever version they hold to of God as a scapegoat for their own personal problems with other poeple.

They use verbal teachings and books to back up their claims of  God hates this or that. The problem here is that words whether spoken or written by Mortal Human Beings, can NOT be proven to be the wisdom of  God.

You can Believe they are, but you cannot by any measure Prove it!

Also anything said or written by People could be colored by personal ambitions, bias and prejudice making it suspect.

When I speak of what I think God does or doesnt want I generally try to be clear that it’s my Belief, not a Fact that God does or doesn’t want or like something. If I say “God wants me to knock your head off” I’m probably being an ass, or I might actualy think God does wants me to.

However I would Never tell another person that God, for a Fact, wants them to knock someone elses’s head off. If I think God wants someone else to do something I may tell them “I think/ believe God wants you to …” but I do not say it as if it were an indisputabe Fact because no matter how much I believe it, belief is not Proof.

I sometimes slip and don’t specify, but that is usualy with people who know me well enough that there is no question that it’s only my Belief or I may be speaking too fast and don’t catch it. But that is Never intentional

“To presume to know the Mind of God is the Greatest Sin”

Do any of these egotistical fools going around “Preaching the Word of God” ever stop and think, “What if I’m Wrong?” Probably not, as many are liers and just using God as part of their con or they have themselves convinced their right and actualy think they are doing the right thing.

The True believers are the scary ones.

If every blow-hard, bible thumper and religious zealot is correct in their Beliefs of what God wants, then God is schizophrenic.

God hates but loves Gays. God wants Muslims Dead yet Allah wants the Christians wiped out. God is all about the White Race yet God had a Black Son.

Thousands of “True Belief” contradictions out there. Of course each thinks They are right and everyone else is a liar, delusional or under the spell of some Satanic being.

These people constantly commit the greatest sin of all. They presume to know the mind of God.

God is God, by whatever name or description, God is something so vast and complex that our tiny little brains would implode and swallow our heads if we saw it in it’s full Glory while in Mortal Form. HOW can anyone be so egotistical as to think they can read THAT mind.

Those books and mytholgies we build our religions on are nothing more than attempts to understand what little we can see and make some sense of it. Unfortunately humans are prone to “errors in perception”

I do NOT know what God wants, sometimes I believe I know a little of it, a very tiny little. I have Faith that God speaks to me at times in various ways and guides me when I have sense enough to pay attention. However, even on the Best day I only have a sliver of an idea of what “the Plan” is for me and those around me.

As to the world and the poeple in it, I have a few General thoughts which are based not in Faith alone but in logic and reason as well. They are still just Belief though, I have no delusions that I can read God‘s mind.

To presume to know the Mind of God is the Greatest Sin for one reason. If your Wrong, you are willfully taking yourself and anyone you convince of youre mistaken “facts” away from God.

So please, just be honest for God‘s sake. You DON’T know that God hates Gays, or Muslims or Blacks or anybody else under the Sun and Moon.

It’s You’re prejudice talking and your teaching it to others as “God‘s Truth” ! YOU are the True Sinner, not your imagined enemy’s of God !



On a side note , Athiests are Not “apart from God” .
Lack of belief is not a denial of God it is an acceptance of perception or lack their of. They just don’t perceive a God existing and I really don’t think God is so petty as to punish them for that.
After all, a baby has no real perception of the air around them, but they can still breathe can’t they? I believe God exists, Atheists don’t, but neither of us is smothering to death for it now are we?



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Just a Blogger with too much time to kill. Ranting and Raving about whatever is on my mind when I sit down to type. Politics, Religion, Social issues even Personal crap..errr ...Revelations at times.

3 responses to “Stop Blaming GOD for Your prejudices and hatred”

  1. Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

    What a minefield of a post. I shall just contribute that I would never presume to know the workings of God’s intent/mind. Of course, I’m not sure I believe in God, or rather I know I do not believe in any organized religion.

    • William says :

      Is a bit of a ramble .. lol

      I sometimes tell people “It doesn’t matter if you believe in God .. just as long as God believes in You, your doin fine”

      One of my others is

      “God has more than enough Faith to go around, so is we’re a little short. we can borrow a bit to get us thru”

      I speak more about God lately for personal reasons, but I try hard not to force God on anyone. Sometimes comes off that way though, I’m working on it.

      • Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :


        I don’t want to put you on the spot, but at some point, I would be very interested to hear about your journey and thoughts about God and religion. I know you address some of this on your blog, but I suspect it is just the tip of the iceberg.

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