Death Everyone should try it at least once

Ever been dead? I mean no vital signs get the toe-tag ready Dead?

I was and guess what, there was no tunnel, no bright lights or anything else resembling a low budget ’80’s pop-rock video.

It was cold, dark and lonely. Except it wasn’t cold at all, the darkness was bright as day and nobody would STFU !

Make sense? No ? Guess you had to be there. Matter of fact, everyone needs to be there at least once. It’s an experience that can change you.Not always for the Better mind you, but thats a matter of how you deal with it. Personally I dealt badly in some ways but learned alot anyway. Though alot of what I learned I’m only recently exploring.

I can’t really describe the whole thing here. Even face to face I can’t completly explain it, but thats not the point anyway.

By the way, I know it could be called a hallucination, but I’ve had those before and they were Nothing like what I experienced. I’ve been going over it the past few years and Still can’t convince myself it was just a flashback from something I did when I was younger.

So was I in Heaven or Hell? Little from Column A and a little from Column B. Personally I refer to it as purgatory, it’s neither here nor there but somewhere in the middle of everything.

I don’t subscribe to any particular Religion, I just like the word Purgatory and some descriptions I’ve read of it fit what I felt. Also, I don’t exactly believe in Heaven or Hell, at least not the ones I’ve heard described in Holy Books.

In a way I was alone, Utterly alone in the void. Imagine having your mind freed of your body and floating in a starless piece of space. Nothingness, no tactile sensation, no light, no air, I couldn’t even hear my own screams.

Trust me, I screamed Alot, or thought I did anyway, couldnt tell for sure not being able to hear it and all.

Yet, on some other level of consciousness (best way I can describe it) I had ALL my senses and a few I didn’t even Know I had, lit up like Las Vegas on a Saturday Night.

Do you know your fears? I don’t just mean the day to day stuff, I mean the subtle fears we all have as well as the nightmares that wake you up in cold sweats screaming?¬†How about the ones buried so deep in your subconscious even your shrink is nervous to go looking for them, because their not sure they’ll ever get back out of there?

Well I met Mine and had a real serious 3D-IMAX theatre on peyote experience with them.

While all This happy-happy joy-joy is going on, there was still Another level of consciousness awake and aware. Being dead is alot like being schizophrenic.

I saw the past loved ones and all that. My Grandmother, my friends who died or were murdered, old loves that left this world and even someone very special that helped me thru some tough times, After she died. I won’t go into this part of it, it was all deeply personal.

All of this was happening all at the same Time. A few thousand years of experience all crammed into three and a half minutes, with the past, present and even a glimpse or two of the future mixed in, just to make it more interesting I guess.

It was not some fever dream either, though I had a bad fever, I distinctly recall the look on the paramedics face when he said “Oh SHIT..we’re losing him!!!” just before the fade to black, the tune of the portable heart monitors steady flatline whine drifting off into nothingness.






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