Self-Segregation and Hypocrisy

Is it wrong to separate myself from others that I dislike, disagree with, or just can’t stand?

Am I a hypocrite for being Intolerant of the Intolerant?

I was reading This and it made me think on this.

There are those who Think their better than everyone else or just better than some particular demographic and we call them Self-Righteous Bigoted Jackasses (I’m being kind obviously)

Is it Hypocritical to think of myself as being at least a Little better than them? I mean they consider themselves superior over some superficial ego based reasoning where as some people, like myself, only Judge by what others do and say,  not by their color, their financial standing, their Religion (no I don’t it just looks that way) or any other vapid reason.

I Judge them by their words and actions, their proven bigotry and intolerance while they Judge Me by my long hair, my lack of money, lack of education and a dozen other lack of’s.

They look at someones skin color or some other insignificant detail and deem them inferior, I look at their smug expressions and sour frowns in the presence of “undesirables” and deem them Stuck-Up Human-Trash.

They want to keep people like me and others that fall into their arbitary “great un-washed” category as far away as possible, preferably another continent, simply because of their dislike for those that don’t fit their idea of the “Norm”.

I want to build a rocket and send them to Uranus with a big billboard on the landing dock that says …”Welcome to Uranus…Not Just For Your Head Anymore”… because they are a drain on the progressive nature of Humanity.

So am I a Hypocrite because I find it near impossible to Tolerate their Intolerance, while advocating Tolerance among Mankind?

Am I  self-righteous because I feel intellectually and spiritually superior to these drones of conformity who remain Willfully ignorant of the beauty and necessity of diversity?

Is it wrong to segregate myself from them because I can only stand to be in their presence for  short periods without becoming nauseated by their smug and unearned sense of superiority, while at the same time pointing out the racism, sexism and dozen other -isms driving them to try so hard to keep Us away from Them?

My answers to these questions are simple:

I don’t think I’m self righteous, I feel no moral superiority here, only moral indignation.

I don’t see myself as  a hypocrite I’m an antihypocritic .. similar to an antihero ..except it’s not a real word

Self segregation I believe is fine, choosing to avoid someone is not the same as forcing the other person away from Me.


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10 responses to “Self-Segregation and Hypocrisy”

  1. suzzymilkmaid says :

    I found that if a person steps into my world, I have to figure this is my card which needs to be played. Right away I am aware of the monster that lurks just under the polished exterior and often times I either don’t feel like dealing with the monster or am afraid to bring it to the surface because it is so destructive. But lately I find myself destroying the ego that hides the monster and standing up to all the crap this person has chosen not to deal with in his life and showing him the monster can be slain.

  2. Mezm says :

    I try not to judge others. I may have done so before, without intending to hurt anyone, but I’ve gotten better throughout the years.
    What I cannot tolerate is people who harshly judge and criticize others who are different from them, especially when they use labels.
    I try to avoid these condescending critics (who aren’t superior to anybody). Unfortunately some of them are my friends’ friends, coworkers, neighbors and people I have to see.
    When I can get away from these people, i go to my own world, away from the critics, judgesm hypocrites, etc. Where I live there are markets, cafe’s, neighborhoods, bars, etc, where people can be free to be themselves and not feel judged. Where are these Intolerant people , when I’m feeling fine? I don’t care. Their own Uranus, maybe.

    • William says :

      You have a great attitude there 🙂

      A combination of your and suzzymilkmaid’s could change the world if enough people got with it.

      Educate those who can learn and grow and leave the rest to parrot their prejudice back and forth at each other while the rest of us go have a nice BBQ or something.

  3. happinessisnotadisease says :

    “I want to build a rocket and send them to Uranus with a big billboard on the landing dock that says …”Welcome to Uranus…Not Just For Your Head Anymore”… because they are a drain on the progressive nature of Humanity.”

    I have second thoughts about that. What if they discover a super ultra mega strong element in Uranus and use it to build weapons of Earth destruction as revenge for casting them away?

    What I really wanted to say though is that I really appreciate the thought you put into this. 😉

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