Thank You

I’m in an appreciative mood, It’ll pass. Before it does however…

I’ve met alot of people on this Blog and on others thru having this one.

Some I just read, some I interact with once or twice but they do leave an impression. Good as well as  Bad .. lol

I’ve also made friends, acquaintances and  respected enemies. Some new, some old and all have helped shape me and continue to do so.

Whether it’s inspirational words, informative articles, thought provoking debate or shared moments that remind me  “I’m not the Only one” or show me a glimpse of another soul, I like to think it is all helping me grow.

The well wishes, the compliments and the laughs, sometimes falling off my chair can’t breathe laughter, remind me to keep my heart open as well as my mind so I don’t miss the good times life still has to offer me.

Thank You

Thank  all of you for being you and for being Here where I and others can find you and share a moment here and there and learn something new.




I Rant and Rave alot, obviously from the title of the Blog, but some see past that. Some of you see that is only one side of me that shows here. Some of you read between the lines and behind the Ravings  and the Jokes and see someone that even I don’t always see when I look in the mirror.

You are special and God love ya, the world needs more like you.





About William

Just a Blogger with too much time to kill. Ranting and Raving about whatever is on my mind when I sit down to type. Politics, Religion, Social issues even Personal crap..errr ...Revelations at times.

2 responses to “Thank You”

  1. happinessisnotadisease says :

    Aww, this is a really personal one. Actually, your blog title doesn’t tell us that you like to rant a lot as much as your picture does. 😉 And all you say here is true, we all learn from each other – even with people we don’t agree with. It’s just a matter of trying to see the bigger picture, the whole. I honestly appreciate to found someone who does just that.

  2. William says :

    Thank you 🙂 and the feeling is mutual.

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