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They Abuse because they were Abused

They Abuse because they were Abused?


Everytime I hear that excuse I want to rain down some abuse of my own on whoever is spouting that garbage.

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Nice 🙂

The Dixie Flatline

If you say there's no god, you're a fool;
You're ignoring our circular rule
That the Bible is certainly truth
And we know it contains its own proof
Because it's divinely inspired
And to doubt that's to call God a liar—
Which proves that the Bible is right
And Jehovah's the eternal light.
(Don't question, you'll only get dizzy;
Don't examine too close, then it's easy.)

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Now I’m a God hating Atheist?

A friend posted an anti-gay bashing poster, (I’ll put it at the bottom of the page) one jackasses response ..

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