They Abuse because they were Abused

They Abuse because they were Abused?


Everytime I hear that excuse I want to rain down some abuse of my own on whoever is spouting that garbage.

I do get the whole psycho-babble deal about “feelings of powerlessness cause Abusers to dominate and subjugate others to get back their sense of self ” ‘The problem with that is its an EXCUSE not a reason for hurting others.

I fully understand how powerless one can feel when abused sexually or otherwise, especially at a young age. I should, I got the hell knocked out of me many times growing up by Both parents (deserved on more than a few occasions btw) Also I was raped on more than one occasion by a “family friend”.

Not the cute baby-sitter either, That was consensual…and I started it anyway 🙂 No it was one of my dads Vietnam buddies in fact.

Guess what, I never even THOUGHT about raping a child or smacking a child or significant other around as a result. I’m Sickened by the very idea of acting in such a way to be honest. Oh, I do get tempted to knock the hell out of Many people but it’s not because I feel powerless thats for sure.

Plenty of people provide Plenty of reasons to want to punch their lights out without my childhood traumas EVER coming into play. Domestic Abusers, Gay-Bashers, Pedophiles, guys who seem incapable of understanding that women are Not life-support systems for the Vaginas, Self-Righteous Bible Thumpers constantly proselytizing, on and on it goes.

I don’t go around with a Bat-Man complex kicking asses and taking names btw, though I would LIKE to sometimes and I look great in black 😉

Even beyond being beaten and raped as a child, I have a thousand and one Other reasons to be filled with hate. There are other incidents of various forms of Abuse running thru my life.

However, as mentioned, I do NOT beat my significant others (outside of consensual antics) I have Never struck my children in anger and I have never and couldn’t even Begin to contemplate raping a child or even an adult for that matter.

I did bully a little back in my Jr. High days, for about a month, then realized it was pathetic and wrong. I made amends as best I could and even made some good friends with people I had “pranked” Not saying I didn’t get in fights after that, I just didn’t start them with innocent people.

I am Not stronger than those who make the excuse “I was abused as a child” nor did I have God on my side through it all, at least not that I knew of or believed at the time.Years of counseling to “get over it” never happened, what therapy I have attended over the years was unrelated, useless, and only caused More problems.

The reason I don’t continue the cycle is simple. I am a thinking, feeling human being.

There is No other reason necessary Not to abuse and those who Have been abused know better than most what the damage can do and have the Least excuse for doing it.






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4 responses to “They Abuse because they were Abused”

  1. nyparrot says :

    How about not abusing other people because you know how bad and painful it feels to be abused? Some people might be even making up the stories of them being abused in the past to try to get a sympathy and understanding from others… Hey, don’t explain your actions away! – a bully is a bully, and abusing others is NOT OK! If you made a choice to hurt another human being (even an animal) – you ARE NOT a victim. Be prepared for consequences.

  2. happinessisnotadisease says :

    “those who Have been abused know better than most what the damage can do and have the Least excuse for doing it.”

    I am with you on this. If you have the time, will you read this story? I’d really appreciate it. It’s not really my story but the thread that links to mine is there, after all. 🙂

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