I LIKE this Christian

I posted an excerpt from an argument the other day, it continued for awhile after but I finally walked away. The circular nature of the dispute was making me dizzy and was obviously not going to go anywhere.

It also may have totally screwed the relationship between my daughters mother and I. Not because she agreed with the jackass, she most definitely does NOT. It’s because of the pressure he is bringing down on her thru Her mother and possibly others at their Church for the things I said. I’m not entirely sure whats going on as she no longer speaks to me.

Anyway .. I wanted to share this response … names removed as I haven’t received permission to quote in full.

XXXXXX wrote: “I can’t just try to sit by while XXXX seems to try to speak for the entire “christian community”. I assure you, you DO NOT speak for me. I am a devote Christian, I take the bible seriously, but not literally. I am a proud member of a local church which is absolutely open and affirming. I will tell you that I find your twisting and interpretation of the bible to be perverse. If you actually look for where Christ speaks about Homosexuality….. yeah… it NEVER happens… Christ seemed to be a little too busy… Spreading his message of love and social justice, healing the sick, speaking to the poor, and seeking out the “undesirables”, to take on individual sects of the population. If you feel that you are then entitled to spread hate, where he did not, that is your prerogative, but understand you are then NOT speaking to the christian religion and lifestyle as a whole. If you are going to take the bible literally…. go for it…. Women were to leave the city during their menses, as they are unclean. Stoning is an acceptable punishment for adultery. Women kept as concubines was the way of the land and slaveRy was more than acceptable. Touching anything related to a pig was unclean, today that means bye bye football. People could sell their children, especially the daughters into slavery. People that work on the sabbath should be put to death. Wearing unnatural materials was a sin, ie. polyester. Women were not to paint their faces or cut their hair, and men were not to trim their facial hair. If you decide to take the bible literally, as you confess, you, then, can not pick and choose what parts of it you choose to abide by to fit your personal agenda.”

Que thundering Applause ….


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