You know what you did !

You know what you DID..

Ummm no, no I don’t. If I did why the HELL do I have this stupid look on my face? … again

Don’t you just love it when you do something and get cussed out or even lose someone over it only you don’t KNOW what you did?

I get that alot, well a little less now, but it still happens.

It’s one of those things that makes me crazy. If I know what I did, why would I be asking ?

Some people seem to think I’m ‘friggin psychic or covering my ass or something and take my question as buying time to make up some lie or excuse when it’s actually an honest question.

It doesn’t help that my memory doesn’t work right, actually my whole brain is miswired so if I say I don’t Know something, I DON’T at that moment in time.

This whole thing has Always bugged me but I recently lost someone over it and it’s hittin me hard so I’m goin on about it. All I was told is, I was “out of line” for saying something and when I asked What I was simply told I know what I said and that I knew it was out of line when I said it.

Granted sometimes I may have a clue what I said or did but if I’m not Sure I don’t want to cause a fight defending myself over a completely unrelated event. Or bust myself out on something I haven’t been caught up on yet.

In This incident I had spoken to at least 30 people within a couple of days on a variety of subjects, before I got reamed and told to go to hell. Most were just short chats, a few were more conversational and at least 4 were arguments.

It took me a awhile to figure what was going on, because on top of those conversations there were also some blog posts and Facebook posts to consider. After about ten minutes I was finally told which particular conversation I crossed the line in but I still don’t know what line I crossed or how.

I tried asking calmly and politely for clarification but all I got was “You know what you did and you knew it was wrong when you did it” over and over again

Excuse me? If I was intentionally doing something wrong why the Hell am I so utterly confused here? I can lie, pretty well if I need to, but this person knows me enough to know I would NEVER lie to her or pretend to be innocent of something that upset her so much.

I don’t even Like to lie…anymore…usually…ok, maybe to cops…..and lawyers ….and really scary chiks and/or dudes that want my number, that’s mostly it though..

Ok, there was a Nun the other day, but I only lied to be nice. She wanted me to attend a service with her and I said I had to get to my job. She was very sweet and very persuasive and ya can’t just tell a sweet old Nun that looks to be older than your Grandmother to go screw herself.

Anyway, just laying the groundwork  so you see Why my following request is  so important …

Please…PLEASE do a favor, not for me but out of respect for, and the sanity of, those around you.

If you’re angry at someone, TELL THEM WHY when they ask. Or better yet tell them Before you start cussing and throwing them out of your life.

They could be lying or they could be honestly lost, either way what harm is it to simply point out the problem?

Unless maybe you’ve perfected the Vulcan Mind Meld. In which case stay Away from me if you want to ever be able to sleep gain.



About William

Just a Blogger with too much time to kill. Ranting and Raving about whatever is on my mind when I sit down to type. Politics, Religion, Social issues even Personal crap..errr ...Revelations at times.

2 responses to “You know what you did !”

  1. suzzymilkmaid says :

    I just want to go on record as saying I don’t have a problem with you, William, lol

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