It’s almost Independance Day

The 4th of July is right around the corner


The Day we Americans celebrate our fight for freedom from Tyranny and Oppression by getting drunk and beating the crap out of each other for no good reason at friend and family gatherings.

Getting bombed and running people over and crashing into Other shit-faced and not so-shitfaced drivers.

Burning down our neighbors house because we’re to hammered handle fireworks safely.

Blowing up some strangers garbage cans with an M-80, just for giggles, subsequently causing the 95year old woman in the house to have a coronary.

Getting arrested for riding thru town, high as a kite, on a stolen horse screaming “The British are Coming. … The British are Coming

(ok, maybe it’s just me that did that but still)

And lets not forget the Thousands of accidental and Not so accidental shootings that will occur.


God bless America

… we need all the help we can get


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About William

Just a Blogger with too much time to kill. Ranting and Raving about whatever is on my mind when I sit down to type. Politics, Religion, Social issues even Personal crap..errr ...Revelations at times.

4 responses to “It’s almost Independance Day”

  1. Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

    You really are quite lovely! You continue to prove what a wonderful human being you are!

  2. suzzymilkmaid says :

    It’s all part of the american dream, william

    • William says :

      More the American Nightmare.

      One friend was stabbed on the Fourth by a drunken idiot who “didn’t like his face”, two others at another party were hospitalized following an argument over how to properly tap a keg of all things.

      Not long after I married my now Ex-wife her youngest Daughter who was only 3 and sweet as you can imagine, was killed by a drunk driver, not on the 4th though.

      The driver was her own father.who was on his way to Our place to start a fight with Me.

      He tried before but attacked our babysitter by mistake, that one Was on the 4th.

      Another 4th of July death was a neighbor three trailers down from where I lived. Some morons shot some kind of firework thru a window by accident and ran.

      You see a man burst out of a flaming trailer engulfed and screaming you never forget it.

      The punks were caught and got community service, a whole 40 hours of it.

      Also my Uncles BF died the same way on the 4th two houses down when I was 9, thank God I didn’t actually see that one.

      The garbage can incident was when I was fourteen, poor woman was found by her daughter in-law who she was on the fone with at the time of the heart-attack. My buddy ended up in therapy when we found out what happened.

      I’ve also been shot at more times than I can count during the 4th.

      I’m all for having a good time and gettin a lil crazy, but too many use these Holidays as an excuse to forget all sense of humanity and act like neanderthals on Methamphetamine.

      I consider that an offense to the memory of everyone who devoted their lives to gaining and protecting our freedom to act like idiots.

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