About Me

Whats to say really, hmmmm.

I see the world in 256 shades of grey,nothing is ever truly as black and white as we like to pretend.

I have an opinion on just about everything it would seem. Not really, but I am working on it.

Not well educated in a bookish sense but don`t think me the fool for lack of proper schooling. There is much to learn by going thru life with your mouth shut and your ears and eyes open.

I am nearing 40 yrs of age but somedays feel a hundred other days act 18.
I subscribe to no Religious Mythos in particular, I try to get the best out of each and apply it to my own philosophies.

I belong to NO Political Parties, I highly doubt any of them would even want me

Two other little things that may shed some light on who I am can be found on these pages:  Stand Alone  ,  Why I say God

Anything else you can glean from my writing or ask me,or just do what Humans do best when presented with too little information and jus make unfounded and baseless assumptions.

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