Bible Truth

Malachi ………..the Last book of the Old Testament was written somewhere between 4 and 5 Hundred years B.C

Mathew ………the First book of the New Testament somewhere about the 60′ A.D

Revelations … the Last Book fo the New Tetsament somewhere about the 70’s or 80′ A.D.

King James Version of the Holy Bible … first published 1611 A.D

There were of course Several earlier versions.

All verions of the Bible were translated at different times by different people often with different agendas.

It is impossible to be certain just exactly What was in the original documents that the Old or the New Testaments are comprised of as most have been lost, destroyed or hidden away by the Vatican over the centuries.

There have been rumours for quite sometime of a “Gospel” written by Jesus Christ himself. The Vatican calls it heresy and refuses to even consider the possibility.

But, why would there NOT be a Gospel of Christ?


All of this can be read about all over the internet if you think I’m making it up

Werdz Go Heer

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