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Random Junk

Reorganizing some file and thought I would share

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What Jesus means to me

Hey at least I aint talkin about God this time and don’t blame Me, someone else got me thinkin on it and I want to try and explain a little.

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Death Everyone should try it at least once

Ever been dead? I mean no vital signs get the toe-tag ready Dead?

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God … what are you doing to me here?

I was almost homeless recently. I can’t afford a place of my own and the room I was renting is going to the guy I was living withs new girlfriends kid. Would have been nice having more than a couple of weeks notice, but whatever.

I have no friends within 300 miles of here and most not even in this Country. My Mother knew someone who lives alone and he said I could stay here if I want, he could use the company. Not wanting to sound ungrateful or anything but I am in HELL.

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