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Big Government Vs. Small Government

Talk about a cluster-f*ck debate. I can’t even find a clear consensus of what “Big Governement” even IS!

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Liberal Assault on Middle Class America

Middle Class;

noun :

1. a class of people intermediate between the classes of higher and lower social rank or standing; the social, economic, cultural class, having approximately average status, income, education, tastes, and the like.

2. the class traditionally intermediate between the aristocratic class and the laboring class.

3. an intermediate class.

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I wrote a Petition … like you didn’t see That coming (;

I started a petition to replace “Legal Marriage” in the U.S. with “Legal Civil Unions”. This is not to abolish Marriage, this is too make a distinction. Legal Marriage is nothing more than a type of Civil Union anyway.

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Religion in Public life and Politics a short Questionare

A few short questions about Religion being a part of  Politics and Public institutions Read More…

Never too early to Discriminate

Discrimination thru Abortion is madness.

I saw this article over here and it shocked the hell out of me. There are some links over there to further information on whats going on too.

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Vulture Capitalism

Many poeple have been hearing the term “Vulture Capitalism” or “Vulture Capitalist”, the latter being an indivudual who practices the former.

Do you know what this is? If not or your not sure it’s rather simple in theory.

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Federal Ban on Vasectomies

Yes, we need a Constitutional Ban on vasectomies as well as handjobs, blowjobs and male masturbation. We MUST protect the children !!!

No I’m not insane. Not entriely anyway. Read on if you want to see where I’m going with this.

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