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They Abuse because they were Abused

They Abuse because they were Abused?


Everytime I hear that excuse I want to rain down some abuse of my own on whoever is spouting that garbage.

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Nice 🙂

The Dixie Flatline

If you say there's no god, you're a fool;
You're ignoring our circular rule
That the Bible is certainly truth
And we know it contains its own proof
Because it's divinely inspired
And to doubt that's to call God a liar—
Which proves that the Bible is right
And Jehovah's the eternal light.
(Don't question, you'll only get dizzy;
Don't examine too close, then it's easy.)

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The Ole Battle-Axe

Seein as I’m in a sharing mood with the personal pix.

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The Dixie Flatline

Vagina's a magical word.
Its power's completely absurd.
Christers want to patrol it;
Legislate to control it
But think it's too rude to be heard.

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Action Against Abuse

Action Against Abuse was founded in 2008, by a few everyday people brought together in shared grief over the death of Baby Peter Connelly. We were dismayed and shocked at the state of the Child Protection System in the UK and at the pathetic ‘justice’ offered to victims of child abuse, and their families. How can a child be failed so terribly, time and time again?

We wanted to change these things , and we joined with various other communities to raise awareness and encourage people to take various actions to combat abuse in their own communities.

A few years later, and the foray surrounding Peters death has gone, the general public has forgotten, but very little has changed.

1-4 children still die in their own homes as a result of abuse or neglect in the UK. Most of those children are still unknown to Social Services. Sentences for child…

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What You See Is What You Get

Interesting phrase there, if you really think about it. (I contemplate the oddest things sometimes when I’m bored”.

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Self-Segregation and Hypocrisy

Is it wrong to separate myself from others that I dislike, disagree with, or just can’t stand?

Am I a hypocrite for being Intolerant of the Intolerant?

I was reading This and it made me think on this.

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