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Forgive me Father

Something silly I used to do when I was younger and lack of sleep spurred it again .. lol

This one was while watching a sermon about the “evil behind Gay-Marriage”

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Long haired hippie ….

….Faggot, Freak, Commie, Socialist, Pot-Head , Mother F’r, etc….

I get called those things and more alot, online and off and I have to say…

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Mr. Wizard has Nothing on this one

LGBT Latest Science

Take a look at this photo and compare the brains. HeM means heterosexual man, HeW means heterosexual woman, Hom  means Homosexual man and HoW means homosexual woman. If we were using these photos of  brains to tell us gender, instead of our genitalia, who would you call a boy or a girl?

See the red and yellow areas? In the left amygdala, the heterosexual male brain looks very similar to the homosexual female brain. The heterosexual female brain looks very similar to the homosexual male brain. The right amygdala does not show this clear cut pattern but it is clear that there is a difference between heterosexual and homosexual men.

So where did this picture come from and what does it show?

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Mitt (the Flippity Flop) Romney

Romney has more flip-flops than a summer-break beach party and he hops political band wagons faster than that slutty blond girl at the party hops beds. That guy switches sides quicker than that slutty girls bisexual sister.He…..

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Do I Inspire

Do I inspire you?

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What is Marriage?

What is this  Marriage thing?

I don’t mean the “Legal Defintion” , I mean the definition Behind the definition. How is it REALLY defined from a legal perspective? Whats it for? What set’s the standard for all those “Legal Definitions” that make no sense? I always thought it was two people who decide to make their relationship “Official” A token gesture to the world that they choose to be together in a deeper commitment than just sharing a bed and a roof. Or for tax purposes, getting some press if your a narcissistic celebrity, or maybe to piss your parents off.

“Green Cards” too, almost forgot those.

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I could go on about a few of these  from several angles. I’ll just stick with one simple statement though.

!!! WOW !!!

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