Yup I screwd myself

Kind of a bitch post but with a couple of over-all reasons

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I LIKE this Christian

I posted an excerpt from an argument the other day, it continued for awhile after but I finally walked away. The circular nature of the dispute was making me dizzy and was obviously not going to go anywhere.

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Social Justice For All

I was fortunate enough to get a great many responses to my BWA for Mark Regnerus.  Along with the responses came many wonderful ideas for a call to action.  I would like to share a key call to action and I have to thank Scott Rose from The New Civil Rights Movement for leaving this item on my blog. I also need to thank my friend and ally Sara Swain.

First, one needs to point out just some of the flawed science of Dr. Regnerus: the core of Regnerus’ analysis is “kin altruism”, the biological tie between parent and child, a mythical sine qua non in securing the stability required for children to thrive. That stability can come ONLY from this mythical kin altruism, and children can thrive ONLY with this kin-altruism-derived stability. Ergo, ONLY those children raised by their biological parent(s) (who are presumably not drunkards, abusive, mentally deranged…

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Action Against Abuse

The internet is a wonderful tool, that enables us all to connect, share, learn and discover. 

It would be a terrible shame if our children were unable to utilise such a great tool just because of the threat from a shameful minority.

But there are ways to keep your kids safe, and here they are explained in easy-to-follow steps, which hopefully will help even the least of techinical minds protect their children more effectively.

There is no substitute for being actively involved in the lives of your children, and trusted by them, and of corse for educating them without panic so that they are armed with the tools to protect themselves. 

Also, we recommend keeping your family computer in a public place, but with the advancement of mobile Internet, this is not enough any more.


Step by step guide for protecting kids online

1) iPhone/ipad/ipod

Kids simply love these easy-to-use devices, which…

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They Abuse because they were Abused

They Abuse because they were Abused?


Everytime I hear that excuse I want to rain down some abuse of my own on whoever is spouting that garbage.

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Nice 🙂

The Dixie Flatline

If you say there's no god, you're a fool;
You're ignoring our circular rule
That the Bible is certainly truth
And we know it contains its own proof
Because it's divinely inspired
And to doubt that's to call God a liar—
Which proves that the Bible is right
And Jehovah's the eternal light.
(Don't question, you'll only get dizzy;
Don't examine too close, then it's easy.)

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Now I’m a God hating Atheist?

A friend posted an anti-gay bashing poster, (I’ll put it at the bottom of the page) one jackasses response ..

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