Petition to eliminate Legal Marriage and replace it with Civil Unions

This is a request for new Federal Guidelines for Civil Unions that would replace all “Legal Marriages” with Legal Civil Unions recognized on the Federal level and going all the way down to State and Local levels, this will eliminate the debate over, what is “Marriage” in a legal sense.

  • This would allow “same-sex” Civil Unions to enjoy the full benefit of what is now considered “Legal Marriage” from the Federal level on down.
  • All  “same-sex” and “differing-sex” Civil Unions would be treated equally under the law and the only inconvenience to the “couples” already “Wed” would be the necassesity to obtain updated Civil Union contracts to replace existing “Marriage Certificates”
  • This would also have the effect of drawing a defined distinction between the Law and Religious Doctrine where “Marriage” is concerned.

Religious organizations would of course retain full rights as they have always had to perfrom “Marriages”

These marriages would simply require a Civil Union Contract be filed to have Legal Status. No different than having to file a “Marriage Certificate” so no inconvenience would be involved

Werdz Go Heer

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