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My new BFF Marcus

I was a bit cranky by the end, over a different matter, so I got a little snappish

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Liberal Assault on Middle Class America

Middle Class;

noun :

1. a class of people intermediate between the classes of higher and lower social rank or standing; the social, economic, cultural class, having approximately average status, income, education, tastes, and the like.

2. the class traditionally intermediate between the aristocratic class and the laboring class.

3. an intermediate class.

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Vulture Capitalism

Many poeple have been hearing the term “Vulture Capitalism” or “Vulture Capitalist”, the latter being an indivudual who practices the former.

Do you know what this is? If not or your not sure it’s rather simple in theory.

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Tax Cut Deal

Can I kick some Democrat ass now please?

Obama worked out an agreement with the Republicans compromising with 2 years extended tax cuts for the rich in return for many well needed concessions. Read More…

Tax Breaks for the Rich

Continued Tax Breaks for the Rich.

Why will the republicans not let go of this. Read More…

Military pay Freeze

Somehow I missed this in the news, but a friends blog brought it to my attention

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Kankakee County Budget Secrets?


A near $30 million in secrets

In Illinois the Kankakee County board this past Monday passed the new Budget for next year. The Vote was nearly unanimous 22-1 with only one dissenter, Karen Schmidt. Mrs.Schmidt also happens to be retiring from the board for personal reasons and had a thing or two to say about the vote. Read More…

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