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What Jesus means to me

Hey at least I aint talkin about God this time and don’t blame Me, someone else got me thinkin on it and I want to try and explain a little.

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Stop Blaming GOD for Your prejudices and hatred

I believe in God, yet I Never use God as the scapegoat for my own bias or prejudice.

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Big Christian with a Little Pagan

I have a friend who is a Witch and is dating a Christian. This amuses me to no end.

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Religion in Public life and Politics a short Questionare

A few short questions about Religion being a part of ¬†Politics and Public institutions Read More…

Why God invented Religion

God didn’t invent Religion Man did, which explains right there why most of them are so damned screwd up.

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Slavery is an important Christian Value.

“Christianity” teaches “Slaves” and “Women” to behave themselves, with no actual distinction between the two.

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Biblical support of Gang-Rape

Blasphemy !!!

Sorry, but it’s true, says so in the Bible.

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