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New Testament Culture open to loose interpratation

Very loose it seems

“Christianity exalted the status of women far beyond the culture of the New Testament times.” – Pastor Steve Cornell

That was said in the comment section when I asked about his views on the mysogonistic teachings in the Bible

The original post can be found here.

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Caiden Cowger … Gay Bashing Prodigy

Caiden Cowger

Discrimination, hate speech and harrasment of innocent people are A-OK in this punks family.

The video for the following transcript can be found on youtube, maybe. The last account was shutdown and the new one could be in time too, so I’m posting a transcript of one of the shows.

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Slavery is an important Christian Value.

“Christianity” teaches “Slaves” and “Women” to behave themselves, with no actual distinction between the two.

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Death camps in America

Insert “Undesirable” here

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Biblical support of Gang-Rape

Blasphemy !!!

Sorry, but it’s true, says so in the Bible.

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Stupid Excuses for Homophobia an extended comment to an excellent post

Read a great post over here and it got my gears spinning.

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God Hates Gays … Heres the Proof

You have to read the whole thing to get it though.

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