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Mitt (the Flippity Flop) Romney

Romney has more flip-flops than a summer-break beach party and he hops political band wagons faster than that slutty blond girl at the party hops beds. That guy switches sides quicker than that slutty girls bisexual sister.He…..

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Benjamin Franklins Two Cents

I do not assume to know the mind of the great thinkers of this countries past. I only take what lesson they leave in their writings.

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Sodomy is Not a Civil Right

I read about this here and I have to agree with Bob Marshall, it’s not.

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Vulture Capitalism

Many poeple have been hearing the term “Vulture Capitalism” or “Vulture Capitalist”, the latter being an indivudual who practices the former.

Do you know what this is? If not or your not sure it’s rather simple in theory.

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Establishment of Religion

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …”

from the 1st Amendment of the U.S Constituion.

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Gay Marriage .. More Important than you think

I was discussing this with my Mother today. Or more the point she was giving me her opinions and they started me making mental notes.  She feels that Government is similar to parentage, with the grand exception that we have a some influence over who are parents will be. The following thoughts were stirred by that philosophy.

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War on Drugs ?

“It’s Not a War on Drugs it’s a War on Personal Freedoms”

My Son made that statement recently after being takin into custody on a possesion charge.

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