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What Jesus means to me

Hey at least I aint talkin about God this time and don’t blame Me, someone else got me thinkin on it and I want to try and explain a little.

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God Hates Gays … Heres the Proof

You have to read the whole thing to get it though.

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Old AND New Testament?

Ever read the Bible? Ever noticed there is an Old and a New Testament in it? Ever wondered why if the Old one was so great why did they write a New one?

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I’ve found Jesus

The following is is my story of of Finding Christ

Seems he wasn’t lost however, just really busy.

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What is a Christian

Do you know what makes one a Christian? Most people don’t. They Think they do but they don’t. Want the real answer?

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IS, Jesus a Republican?

I bought a new Bible today, my old one seems to have abandoned ship, and I read something that I never saw before that makes me believe, some of the Right Wing, lunatic fringe is right.

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Jesus … Overworked and Underpaid

“Jesus SAVE ME … Jesus, tell me what to do, Jesus Love Me, Jesus take out the trash, Jesus don’t forget to get milk”

JESUS CHRIST people, give Jesus a break for Christs sake.

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