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One-Man/ One-Woman Amendment

I’ve brought this up before and One – Man/One -Woman still makes NO sense as an Amendment to the U.S Constitution no matter how much I think about it.

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Religion in Public life and Politics a short Questionare

A few short questions about Religion being a part of ¬†Politics and Public institutions Read More…

Stupid Excuses for Homophobia an extended comment to an excellent post

Read a great post over here and it got my gears spinning.

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God Hates Gays … Heres the Proof

You have to read the whole thing to get it though.

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Old AND New Testament?

Ever read the Bible? Ever noticed there is an Old and a New Testament in it? Ever wondered why if the Old one was so great why did they write a New one?

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George Ryan Early Release

The felonious ex-Gov. George Ryan may be released early


George Ryan committed literally dozens of federal crimes and gets a mere 6 years for it.  He has served approximately half that time and now they want to let him out. Not because of good behavior or because he`s working on something big and important that benefits the community at large and proven himself rehabilitated. Its because his wife will more then likely die before he gets out otherwise.

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Gay Marriage

WHY is this even a legal debate?

Some Religions take issue with Homosexuality, as well as some individual people for their own personal reasons, thats fine in and of itself.It is their Right to feel anyway they want about it.
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