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One-Man/ One-Woman Amendment

I’ve brought this up before and One – Man/One -Woman still makes NO sense as an Amendment to the U.S Constitution no matter how much I think about it.

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What is Marriage?

What is this  Marriage thing?

I don’t mean the “Legal Defintion” , I mean the definition Behind the definition.¬†How is it REALLY defined from a legal perspective? Whats it for? What set’s the standard for all those “Legal Definitions” that make no sense? I always thought it was two people who decide to make their relationship “Official” A token gesture to the world that they choose to be together in a deeper commitment than just sharing a bed and a roof. Or for tax purposes, getting some press if your a narcissistic¬†celebrity, or maybe to piss your parents off.

“Green Cards” too, almost forgot those.

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