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What Jesus means to me

Hey at least I aint talkin about God this time and don’t blame Me, someone else got me thinkin on it and I want to try and explain a little.

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Why God invented Religion

God didn’t invent Religion Man did, which explains right there why most of them are so damned screwd up.

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You, Your Rights, and the Red, White and Blue

No I didn’t get much sleep before writing this

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Old AND New Testament?

Ever read the Bible? Ever noticed there is an Old and a New Testament in it? Ever wondered why if the Old one was so great why did they write a New one?

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Why do I Rant and Rave on here?

I was asked today about my “strong sense of injustice” and to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever actually thought about it before. Oh, I think about things that bother me or set me off, obviously if you look around my Blog . As to why I have the feelings and thoughts I spread across these virtual pages and why I try to articulate them here for you the curious reader, I’m really not sure. I’m working on that, sometimes putting it in words helps, when I can find the words.

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War in Heaven ?

Was there a War in Heaven? Did God have Lucifer thrown out for starting it? Is there a Heaven and Hell in the first place?

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A letter to my earlier Self

Dear Dumbass

You think you know so much, but until you learn that the more you know the more there IS to know, you don’t know a Damned thing.

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