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Slavery is an important Christian Value.

“Christianity” teaches “Slaves” and “Women” to behave themselves, with no actual distinction between the two.

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Never too early to Discriminate

Discrimination thru Abortion is madness.

I saw this article over here and it shocked the hell out of me. There are some links over there to further information on whats going on too.

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Whats the point of Racism?

Did you know many poeple think Racism is a bunch of white guys with big egos and little …. self-control?

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Black History Marches On

What does Jay-Z, Rev Al Sharpton, Colin Powell and the NAACP have in common?

I’ll give you a hint, it has nothing to do with a dead hooker and a kilo of cocaine at a certain Morton Downey Jr. pool party I am not currently at liberty to discuss.

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A picture speaks a thousand words

Them people

Those,They,Them people. Ugggh

Let me explain.
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