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Self-Segregation and Hypocrisy

Is it wrong to separate myself from others that I dislike, disagree with, or just can’t stand?

Am I a hypocrite for being Intolerant of the Intolerant?

I was reading This and it made me think on this.

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Liberal Assault on Middle Class America

Middle Class;

noun :

1. a class of people intermediate between the classes of higher and lower social rank or standing; the social, economic, cultural class, having approximately average status, income, education, tastes, and the like.

2. the class traditionally intermediate between the aristocratic class and the laboring class.

3. an intermediate class.

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I wrote a Petition … like you didn’t see That coming (;

I started a petition to replace “Legal Marriage” in the U.S. with “Legal Civil Unions”. This is not to abolish Marriage, this is too make a distinction. Legal Marriage is nothing more than a type of Civil Union anyway.

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One-Man/ One-Woman Amendment

I’ve brought this up before and One – Man/One -Woman still makes NO sense as an Amendment to the U.S Constitution no matter how much I think about it.

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Do me a Favor

” Doing something because you Have to is an Obligation … Doing something because you Want to is a kindness ”

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You, Your Rights, and the Red, White and Blue

No I didn’t get much sleep before writing this

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God Hates Gays … Heres the Proof

You have to read the whole thing to get it though.

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