Why I say God

I use the word “God” in a generic sense. “God”, “Jehova”, “Allah”, “Lord and Lady”, “The Cosmic IT”, “the Great Googly Moogly” or whatever else works for you can simply be substituted.

I sometimes say “The Divine” but often poeple look at me like their waiting for me to pull out a dime store Tarot deck, the crystal pyramid I got on E-Bay for 10 bucks and start murmering something that sounds like a cross betwen the Lords Prayer and a Self-Help Book introduction.

That was not a slam on those with belief in the more “Alternative” forms of Religion and philosophy, I have the utmost respect for those with the will and vision to step Outside the box to get a better view of the Big Picture.

Unless their a phony or a crack-pot, which is how I get looked it when I say “The Divine” to some people. Just before they put their hands on their wallets and start backing away slowly.

Of course, when you mutter something about making a mental note to put goats blood on your to-do list, it’s not all that surprising when they suddenly remember a pressing engagment.

Or maybe it’s just my cologne they don’t like

(note to self … buy new cologne …. and don’t forget the goats blood this time)



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